New Beginnings

What a difference a year makes.  At this time in 2016 I had just been let go by Detroit Sports 105-1 and quite honestly, I wasn’t happy.  There was a small sense of relief being shown the door off a sinking ship, but I took pride in my work and I didn’t get a chance to finish what I started.  Plus, I had never been fired before.  I also didn’t fully grasp the concept that there was more out there in this world for me to experience.  Broadcasting is all that I’ve ever known professionally and I felt it was always my calling.  Not many people can boast that they were on the air calling games at Madison Square Garden in college or covering a Stanley Cup run at age 23 in a top ten market.  Radio and broadcasting was fun and I just went with it.  Little did I know that working with really good people and making a difference, well, makes a difference.

I have spent the past ten months working with some really terrific individuals.  From the USPBL in Utica to Oakland University, and every day now at University of Detroit Jesuit High School, I’ve found that I am smiling again.  There is something about being at a place with communication, trust, honesty, and an inviting culture.  What did I know about in-game hosting at a new minor league ballpark?  Not much.  I was new to it and really had fun last summer. Oakland hired me to handle color commentary beside their excellent voice Neal Ruhl.  Had I done analyst work in the past on a broadcast?  No.  I was new to it and really had fun.  In addition, I have joined the faculty at U of D High teaching 21st Century Communications and Media and Journalism and have fallen in love with it.  You want to talk about an inviting culture, this is the spot.  It is a place that features a terrific group of young men and adults that care about each other and set goals that we all try to achieve every day.  Again, I’m new to teaching and having a blast.  I’ve seen that surrounding myself with the right atmosphere and culture is making me happy again professionally.  My family can see it in my face when I get home each day and I am no longer dragged down by trivial little distractions that I used to think were important.

You know what else is cool?  I’m out of the day to day communication business and I can see that communication is actually better in “the real world.”  My e-mails get returned, my questions get answered, and there are manners that come into play at my new opportunities.  When I have a question for Theresa Doan at the USPBL, she gets back to me.  Scott MacDonald at Oakland is always eager and willing to provide me whatever assistance I need and the same goes for Andy Roth, the Program Director at 92-3 FM The Fan in Cleveland whenever I fill in there.  Furthermore, I wish I could explain in words what it is like having the teammates that I have at U of D.  I’m just the new guy that wanted to come in and make an impact and teach the kids.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine being so blessed to be a part of a place like this.  I owe so much to Principal Tony Trudel and the crew with the Cubs for letting me be a part of the team.  To hear the words “nice job” or “that was really good” is so refreshing and it is a big part of what I tell my audiences during my speeches about winning in the work place.  There is no negative to positive reinforcement.  Treat people like you would want to be treated.  I just recently watched an interview with Bill Belichick on CNBC where he said the same thing.  He has stopped practices at times to commend an individual player for a job well done.  He added that this helps in team-building and morale.  I couldn’t agree more.

It is fun being at work again and a playing a role in a winning culture.  What a novel concept.



  1. Todd BeasonTodd Beason04-17-2017

    Your the man Deez! Congrats. Miss you and Maz on the radio. Had you on every day. Even came to see you guys on opening day a few years ago. Happy for you!

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery04-17-2017

      Thanks Todd. Maz is the man! We had fun in the midday.

  2. Bill AxtellBill Axtell04-17-2017

    Best wishes. Always valued your thoughts, insights, etc., at The Fan and beyond and wish you well in your future endeavors. FWIF, I am an alum of UD-Mercy.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery04-17-2017

      Thanks Bill. Titan Territory is a special place and I miss folks like Robert Vowels, Jeremiah, PJ, and BA. It is all good.

  3. Chuck GumbelChuck Gumbel04-17-2017

    For being the new guy on the block, you have turned out to be a great influence on the young men at the High. I am proud to say you are my colleague.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery04-18-2017

      Thanks Mr. G. That means so much to hear that from you. A true legend in the industry.

  4. Lou C.Lou C.04-17-2017

    Congrats Matt! Really happy for you. I listen everyday to Hooked On Lions. You’re definitely one of the best out there. Looking forward to hearing & reading more from you. Great job!

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery04-18-2017

      Appreciate that Lou!

  5. ChrisChris04-17-2017

    Hi Matt, what a great blog article! I am really happy that you are finding satisfaction with your new pursuits. You are sorely missed on the radio waves but it sounds like you are in the right place. I am going through a career change and the challenges are well worth the effort. Looking forward to hearing more on how things progress.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery04-18-2017

      Good luck Chris! That is great! I definitely miss some parts of the radio game and I sure made my fair share of mistakes in the past, but I feel like this is my calling right now and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

  6. Ben GiovanelliBen Giovanelli05-01-2017

    The High does that to you. Uncanny, isn’t it? Truly a special place and so glad my boys are able (and frankly want) to be there. #AMDG.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery05-15-2017

      #AMDG is right Ben!

  7. ScottScott05-16-2017

    Drew Lane had mentioned you were starting up a Podcast? If so, when do you think you’ll start? Look forward to it if you do. I gave up on standard radio and love the podcast idea.

    Good luck!

  8. JerryJerry06-25-2017

    I really enjoyed (and still miss) your 105.1 show! Sad that it ended. Just so you know, you are real good on sports talk radio. I’m retired, so I can listen alot. Your better then the others. And I think I recall you doing play by play for U of D which was good. Glad you’re happy teaching, but you belong on radio.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-01-2017

      Thanks so much for the nice comments Jerry! I appreciate it.

  9. KJKJ08-15-2017

    Glad you are going well. Miss you on the air, but glad to hear the new pursuit is brining enjoyment.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery11-12-2017

      Thanks KJ!

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