Minor League? Nope. Anything But That.

uspbl-stuff“I consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service”- Tammy Toh.

It was great to be alive again.  I felt alive again.  Going to work this summer for the brand new United Shore Professional Baseball League was an absolute treat.  It really was so nice to be a part of a group that was united and had a vision.  The USPBL in Utica certainly was a success in season 1, and to be able to serve as Jimmy John’s Field “In-Game Host” all summer was something that I will never forget.

I love Baseball.  I love being around the game and I enjoy being around good people.  That is what makes the USPBL experience so cool.  If you talk to anyone that attended games at JJF these last 3 and a half months they will tell you how much they enjoyed themselves.  The fans were treated to a first class product, both on and off the field.  We followed the lead of our boss and CEO, Andy Appleby, who believes that the customer comes first and that service really matters.  You felt good about yourself and your surroundings every time you set foot inside that ballpark.  I’m sure I heard it over 1,000 times this summer:  “Everyone is so nice here.”  Isn’t that what summer, Baseball, and a night out with friends and family all about?  We made that happen.

The people that made it happen are not all from the same backgrounds either.  Our mix at the USPBL had it all.  Andy is a big time CEO and has worked for the Palace.  Brian Berryman, who ran Baseball Operations, has been with big league franchises.  Sure, but what about the countless interns from all over Southeast Michigan that, quite honestly, ran the park at times?  These kids were incredible and our equals all summer long.  I’m 43 and old enough to be many of these kids’ parents.  Now I am proud to call them lifelong friends.  I have to thank Theresa Doan and Tim Dameron too.  They were my direct bosses.  Theresa is the Director of Marketing and Tim runs the game operations and both are total pros.  It is not easy to put on a show for the people 75 nights in 3 and a half months and every night Wednesday-Sunday for most of the summer.  These two “Get It” and really were incredible to work for and deserve some accolades.  I really wish I could name everybody on here.  It is an awesome group.

I have great stories to tell my grandchildren one day.  Broadcasting court side from Madison Square Garden or the Carrier Dome or covering the Red Wings as they won back to back Stanley Cups.  Flying on the Pistons team plane to call a game or covering the Super Bowl at Ford Field.  You know what else I’ll include on that list?  The Summer of 2016.  Mascot races, trivia with the fans, and interacting with Unicorns, Hoppers, and Beavers.  See you in Utica next summer.

  1. Annette DolotAnnette Dolot09-14-2016

    Matt, what a great tribute. Thanks for mentioning the interns as well as everyone else….I know they love you!

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery09-15-2016

      Thank you for reaching out! The interns were amazing, including Grace who is a star. Thanks for the kind words.

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