I’ve Been Pulled Back In

matt managing 2016Last summer I decided to coach 13U Rec Baseball and my step son AJ. He and I are very close and I’ve worked with him a lot over the years on his game.  Taking over an entire team and volunteering for two months though?  It was certainly a heavy responsibility.  To make a long story short: We made it to the championship game, lost on a walk-off error, and I absolutely had a blast the entire time.  I loved the group of 13 kids that I coached and figured that would be a one time deal.  Furthermore, I even talked about it on my radio show the day after our final loss on 105-1 and was emotional.  It really was a special season that would never be duplicated.  I was retiring after one year of running the 13 U Pirates.

At least I thought I was retiring.

AJ is now 13 and has joined a different 13U Rec league and, of course, they were one coach short heading in to the season.  My wife and I received the email from the league about how desperate they were to find another coach.  As I continue to search for a new job and work on other projects, I really wasn’t sure that I could dedicate the time or effort to run my own team again.  I figured I’d call the Commissioner and feel out the situation.

Who was I kidding?  I got pulled back in.  I’m coaching again.  The Pirates Part II.

There is just something special about leading a group of young men no matter what the circumstances.  Plus, I love the game.  I just love Baseball.  The strategy, the teaching, and also how every single game is different.  The kids want to learn and a few guys on the team really have stepped up to become leaders on the squad.  Plus, my entire family is involved.  My son Jace is a few years older, but he’s an assistant with us and keeps the score book.  My daughter Reese is at all of the games sitting beside Heather cheering on the boys and also calming me down when I get a bit intense.  The parents have been fantastic so far as well.

I’ll be honest, I want to win.  I’m locked in on every pitch and I care a lot.  It is really fun for me and I hope it is fun for them too.  Roped back in, but loving every minute of it.  Is this a bug that you have as well?  The coaching bug? Please feel free to share your comments below.

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