It Is Just a Reunion

press-the-easy-buttonSlow news day?  Worst time of the year to be a sports fan?  Nothing else to get angry about while the Tigers aren’t playing?   I’m still shaking my head this morning at Thursday’s “Rage-Fest” that took place on social media and on the radio in regards to the Detroit Lions.  Free Press beat reporter Dave Birkett had the story on his Twitter account.

The Lions are going to honor the 1991 team on their 25th anniversary.

You’d think the world was coming to an end.  “How could the organization do such a thing?”  “Typical Lions holding a celebration for a team that won nothing.”  The gripes went on and on and on.  Talk about pushing the easy button!  Folks ripping on the Lions for honoring the best team they have had in decades.  I just find it extremely excessive and unnecessary.  So they want to hold a celebration and reunion for the 91 team?  So what?  What is SO wrong about it?

The Detroit Lions rarely win.  We know that this is an organization that has not won a single playoff game since 1991.  It is completely embarrassing and quite frankly, it is sad. Teams should luck their way into at least a playoff win or two every ten years.  The Lions? They have been like George Costanza at the vending machine, coming up empty.  Yet, the organization is still the number one team in town in terms of fan interest and they reside in a league where popularity rises with each week.  The NFL is King and the Lions are King here in Detroit.  I think fans would enjoy seeing Barry Sanders, Brett Perriman, Chris Spielman, Jerry Ball, and many others on the field October 16th in their jerseys once again being recognized.  It is a cool reunion and that is it.  Heck, I hope they let Mark Champion emcee the festivities and bring him back for the event.  I know that team only won a single playoff game and did not even make the Super Bowl.  I get it.  Why such vitriol though from everybody about this?

Has the organization announced that they are throwing this team a parade?  No.  Are the Lions going to retire Mel Gray’s #23? No.  Are the Lions going to give the players championship rings to wear like the 2006 Detroit Tigers who also did not win it all?  No.  I doubt it.  I hope not.  In fact, the Lions have not revealed anything yet about their plans for the weekend.  If this is nothing more than a reunion for the 91 team and a nice honor, I see nothing wrong with it.  The Lions bring alumni back every year, and it is important to do those types of things for the players as well as the fans.  I understand the fans’ frustration at this organization. I do.  They want a winner and they want the circus to be gone.  But, picking on the organization for throwing a reunion for the 91 team?  I think that is a bit over the top.

I’d love your comments on this opinion and if you agree or disagree with my premise.

  1. ScottScott07-15-2016

    I didn’t read the original article but Lions fans will go to any length to get on their team. They drafted well, prepared for the future and the fans are starved for something to be angry about. A reunion for a good team that didn’t win it all…perfect scenario. It’s dumb.. I’d i think they would be more excited about this… It gets people remembering what winning was like…

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-15-2016

      I knew there would be some fans and even some in the media that would make fun of it. But, the constant hammering of the team for this when THEY have NOT announced the full reunion plans yet was over the top Scott!

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