Friday Free For All

A few thoughts on my mind as we head into the weekend.


1.  The Tigers are still managed by Brad Ausmus.  The “Fire Ausmus” chatter has died down a bit, after votes of confidence from both Al Avila and even Jim Leyland.  At 25-28, Detroit is certainly an underachiever and the manager should be on thin ice.  A 200 million dollar payroll means high expectations and this group hasn’t met those.  I’ll say this though, it appears the work environment is pretty stable.  Avila is Brad’s boss and he has backed him publicly on numerous occasions.  As I tell audiences in my keynote speech,, Brad can function in his job with a high sense of focus knowing he has clear communication with his superior.  Whether Ausmus is a good manager or not isn’t the point here, the point is he has the support he needs right now to try and do his job at a high level.

2.  Jim Harbaugh is rallying a fan base better than any leader that I can remember.  Michigan supporters are head over heels in love with their football coach and even if he tweeted out that Oreo cookies were evil, his backers would head to their pantries to throw those treats away.  Harbaugh, though, has to win right now.  His own digital and verbal bravado has to backed up immediately.  Period.  One more thing Jim? Please don’t tuck in a baseball jersey into khaki pants.  #FashionPolice

3.  The Golden State Warriors are 3 wins away from a second straight NBA title.  Why did they cruise in the opener last night against the Cavs?  Steve Kerr played a game of “Where’s Waldo?” with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.  He found them on the defensive end and went right at both of them.  This will be an issue for Cleveland.  This series, though, is far from over.

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