Communication Is Not That Difficult

Communicate.  Talk.  Have a conversation.

This seems to be very challenging in our society today and it has been illuminated over the last 48 hours in the news.  There have been tragic stories regarding police shootings where just a simple conversation should have taken place.  Heck, it is all over the sports world as well. Dwyane Wade leaves the Miami Heat to sign a free agent deal with the Chicago Bulls and reportedly never spoke to his boss about it?  See link below. 

Pick up the phone!  Wade spent 13 years with Pat Riley.  13!  Now they do not talk before he decides to bolt for the Bulls?  I just don’t get it.  I know it is business and Wade has every right to shop his wares, but why don’t people converse anymore? Is communication that difficult these days?  Hey, at least when I was let go by Detroit Sports 105-1, they told me in person.  I stress this all of the time in my motivational speech and Parenting the Love and Logic Way® classes.  Go direct and have a dialogue face to face with others.  You will feel better about the situation, hopefully get the answers you were looking for, and leave no stones unturned.

I’ll give you an example of how actual communication and some back and forth dialogue actually worked.  Great news today as the Michigan Football program is renewing its series with Notre Dame.  This is fantastic!  As a fan of sports, who wouldn’t want this game being played?  I’d much rather watch Jim Harbaugh‘s squad battle the Irish than see a game against Arkansas.  The rivalry is back and it is good for the fans, who get short-changed this fall having to watch UM march in three cupcakes to the “Big House” to open their season.  All it took was.. gasp.. a discussion!  It appears that Harbaugh and Brian Kelly discussed getting the game back on months ago.  No delivery of cancellation letters or public jabs by former AD’s, just some basic conversation and talk about what is right.  This game needs to be played every year and the two sides figured it out.  It is not that difficult is it?

What do you think?  I welcome your comments below.

  1. Spencer K.Spencer K.07-07-2016

    You make some great points. Only way to truly deliver a “tone” is face to face. Good article Deez. Go Blue!

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-07-2016

      Thanks Spencer. Texting and social media and email. It is great and all, but sometimes a cop out.

  2. DougDoug07-07-2016

    Good read Matt! A bit of a stretch in comparisons but I get the point! You write like you talk on the radio it’s great! Miss listening to you on 105.1 you really won me over. First started hearing you down the dial and followed you over to 105.1. Too bad the station didn’t work out that station for sure. Won’t lie though the throw back rap and R and B is pretty good! But still. Would love to see you get back with valenti and foster! Anyways all the best bud!

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-08-2016

      Thank you Doug. I had a lot of fun with V and F. Listen to them now all the time.

  3. CKCK07-07-2016

    Great article Matt. You are exactly right when it come to communication in business, marriage and life. When we do websiteand SEO work for businesses and they get behind in payment it always nice to at least speak with them. When they do not return calls and avoid us, it makes the situation worse. We’ll work out terms, barter, or even forgive debt but not if we can’t communicate. I also agree with Spencer K., there’s nothing like face to face meeting.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-08-2016

      You’re the man CK. I owe you a phone call to catch up!

  4. Communication is so crucial. Without communication, problems don’t get solved, trust gets diminished, Communication is needed to make things work like gas to a car. Good example, when me & my mom disagree on things, if we don’t communicate and talk it out and express ourselfs that’s only gonna create a snowball effect and make things work.

    • Matt DeryMatt Dery07-09-2016

      Well said Abe.

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