Baseball and Father’s Day


There is nothing better than sharing something you love with someone you love. For me, family is so important and I learned of its importance from lessons taught by my dad.  This morning I came across a terrific story written by Zack Meisel of  The theme is baseball and Father’s Day and how it connects dads and their sons. Please check it out below:

The Chernoffs are very fortunate.  Mike and Mark are able to get together and play catch and keep this tradition alive.  I would do anything to be able to “have a catch” again with my father, who passed away in 2004.  He raised my brother and me on baseball and rooting for the Indians.  It was very important to him that we understood the game, had a passion for it, and it brought us closer together.  I absolutely love the game and my boys, Jace and AJ, really enjoy it too.   Father’s Day for me will be spent at the ballpark, working for the USPBL, at Jimmy John’s Field.  I just wish my dad could be there.


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