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I’ve Been Pulled Back In

Last summer I decided to coach 13U Rec Baseball and my step son AJ. He and I are very close and I’ve worked with him a lot over the years on his game.  Taking over an entire team and volunteering for two months though?  It was certainly a heavy responsibility.  To make a long story short: We made it to …

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It Is Just a Reunion

Slow news day?  Worst time of the year to be a sports fan?  Nothing else to get angry about while the Tigers aren’t playing?   I’m still shaking my head this morning at Thursday’s “Rage-Fest” that took place on social media and on the radio in regards to the Detroit Lions.  Free Press beat reporter Dave Birkett had the story …

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Communication Is Not That Difficult

Communicate.  Talk.  Have a conversation. This seems to be very challenging in our society today and it has been illuminated over the last 48 hours in the news.  There have been tragic stories regarding police shootings where just a simple conversation should have taken place.  Heck, it is all over the sports world as well. Dwyane Wade leaves the Miami …

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I Have Some One Liners

Congratulations to Mike Tirico.  25 years at ESPN and now moving on.  A friend, a class act, and a true pro. NBA free agency is crazy.  Kent Bazemore commanding $19 million a year? That was some win by the Tigers last night.  The Tampa bullpen imploded, but tip your cap to Detroit. My Tribe is hot.  Such a fun team …

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