Thursday Random Thoughts

deckerIt’s a beautiful summer-like day here in the Motor City.  I’m looking forward to joining the dignitaries in Rochester at 4 pm today for the ribbon cutting of my friend Brandon’s new outside patio deck at CJ Mahoney’s.  Please come see us.  What else am I thinking about today? Here goes:

  1.  If the Golden State Warriors lose tonight and their season comes to an end, I still wouldn’t call it a “failure”.  The ultimate goal is a championship, yes, but winning 73 games and setting an NBA record is pretty darn remarkable.  I don’t think some fans and media-types understand how difficult it is to repeat as champions and lose only 9 basketball games in one season.  I would still call it a very good season.  Do you agree or disagree?
  2. I saw that the Detroit Lions had first round pick Taylor Decker working at Left Tackle today and Riley Reiff on the other side.  This is what fans should hope to see come September 11th in Indy.  Reiff is NOT a LT.  Or just at least not good enough to play that spot in my opinion.
  3. Victor Martinez spoke up the other night about alleged Miguel Cabrera “haters”.  From Katie Strang at ESPN: “You know, I bet you there was a lot of people talking, ‘Oh, Miggy’s done,’ this and that. I really want to hear what they say now.”  Huh?  Who says Miggy was “done?”  Am I missing something?  Cabrera is one of the most feared hitters in the game and definitely was off to a slow start, couple that with the team under-performing and certainly there were some unhappy fans.  Can we please stop, though, with the angry reactionary chatter from players in that clubhouse?  Go win ballgames and everything else will take care of itself.  This seems to be a norm with that team.
  4. Yesterday was a proud moment for me as I had the opportunity to watch my daughter “graduate” from elementary school.  I know completing fifth grade is not some major accomplishment, but it is still special to see someone you love so much be recognized.  In my “Parenting the Love and Logic Way™” classes that I’m teaching, we talk about raising more responsible young kids who can solve problems on their own.  My daughter is only 11, but I saw a young girl yesterday on that stage who has come a long way and is certainly on her way to becoming a high achiever.
  5. If you love baseball and you’re looking for an activity this summer for your family, please check out Jimmy John’s field in Utica.  Andy Appleby and his crew at the USPBL open up their 75 game schedule Monday afternoon with the Utica Unicorns taking on the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers.  For more info, check out  I’ll be there Monday.

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